Record your name, add it to your email signature is the powerful online recording tool enabling people all over the world to share the true pronunciation of their own name.

Record your name

It's fast and free!

We ask 30 strangers to try and pronounce each others names.

Why use Vame?

A name provides a sense of personal identity.

It's pronunciation is 100% unique to each person.

Vame helps everyone celebrate their unique name.

(It also helps eliminate any awkward introductions)

What is Vame (Voice + Name)?

Vame is a free online tool that enables you to record yourself saying your name

Once recorded, your voice will play everytime someone visits your unique URL link on the Vame website.

This link can be added anywhere! Email signature, Linked In, Facebook, Yammer, Skype, CV...

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People all over the world are pronouncing their names using Vame and adding it to their email.

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Our users are from a range of companies, championing cultural diversity

Free apps "Vame voice your name"

3 Simple Steps

to voice record your name and add it to your email signature

  1. Download the free app OR visit from your computer

  2. Record your voice and save your profile

  3. Receive a link to your Vame and add it to your email signature